Introducing the Association

Steel Castings and Forgings Assoiciation of Japan consists of 88 members (45 companies producing steel castings and forgings and 43 companies related to the production of these products ). The purpose of its activities is to contribute to the growth of Japanese industry and the prosperity of the nation by promoting the healthy development of the casting and forging industry.

The wide range of the Association´s activities includes the following:

  1. Studies and research concerning production, supply and demand, labor conditions and teconology, as well as the improvement and rationalization of business management.
  2. Improvement of the environment and implementation of plant and mill maintenance.
  3. Compilation of data and statistics, collection of information and publicity.
  4. Acting as the industry´s spokesman in expressing views and opinions, preparing reports and answering inquiries.
  5. Promotion of harmony and cooperation among the members.



1947 The Japan Cast Steel and the Japan Forged Steel Society inaugurated
1951 Monthly bulletin “ Steel Castings and Forgings ” inaugurated
1963 Brochure on steel castings and forgings for use by customers inaugurated
1964 “Statistical Handbook on Steel Castings and Forgings ”inaugurated
1971 Annual commendation ceremony inaugurated to acknowledge workers with outstanding achievements
1972 Steel castings and Forgings Association of Japan inaugurated

Principal Directors and Secretariat

President Kenichi Onoda Executive Officer
Nippon Steel Corporation
Vice President Hisao Yamane President
Ube Steel Co.,LTD.
Takeharu Kato Executive Officer
Kobe Steel, Ltd
Katsuko Tezuka CEO President
Showadenki Chuko Co.,Ltd
Takaaki Taketsuru Managing Executive Officer
Daido Steel Co.,Ltd.
Masaru Washio President
Nippon Chuzo K.K.
Akihiro Tosaka President
Fukushima Steel Works Co.,Ltd
Vice President
Executive Director
Daisuke Ota JSCFA
Secretariat Atsushi Takeda JSCFA, General Manager
Nobuo Kano JSCFA, General Manager
Yusuke Sekiyama JSCFA, Research Dept.

Major Publications and Research Statistics


  • Bulletin "Steel Castings and Forgings (Chuko to Tanko)" (Twice a Year)
  • Tile Engraving Imformation News (Every other Month)
  • Technical Specifications of the Association
  • Standard Manuals for Manufacturing Steel Castings
  • Ultrasonic Flaw Detection Methods for Forgings
  • Defects of Steel Castings (Sand and Slag Inclusions ,Sand burning and Cracks)
  • Defects of Steel Forgings (Segregations , Inclusions , Pores , Hydrogen)
  • Technical Data for Steel Forgings
  • Mechanical Properties of Carbon and Low Alloy Steel Forgings (Tensile and yield Strength, Elongation and Reduction of Area , Charpy Impact Value)
  • Industrial Waste and Energy Consumption in the Steel Casting and Forging Industry


  • Production of Steel Castings and Forgings
  • Labor Statistics for the Steel Casting and Forging Industry
  • Labor Accident Surveys in the Steel Casting and Forging Industry
  • Surveys of Steel Casting and Forging Exports

(*These Data are written in Japanese)

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